About Us

As Halter A.S. we continue our activities with a focus on innovative technology and human health.

Today, the importance of technology in the field of health is increasing day by day; We also carry out our R&D studies, where we use the healing and protective effect of silver with wearable nano-technological products, with great care.

Especially after internationally accredited laboratory studies in which the antimicrobial effect of silver was tested in different aspects; We started to produce our high protective masks with pure silver thread technology, which is groundbreaking in the medical field with an innovative approach.

We have documented that our masks, which we produce from cotton-like polyester fabric woven with pure silver thread, provide over 90% protection against viruses and bacteria, with our certificates in different fields.

Since the 14th century, we continue to use and develop all these properties of silver, which has been widely used in many areas related to health, in the medical field.