Neden Saf Gümüş İplik Teknolojisi?

Pure Silver Thread Technology

HalterInc. as; We are proud to lead the medical sector with an innovative and high quality understanding by applying pure silver thread technology to our masks, which is a successful result of our long R&D and laboratory studies, in this process where we are struggling with Covid-19, which affects the whole world.


Why Silver Thread Technology?

Silver is an “antimicrobial” substance documented to kill different microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and viruses). Silver ions bind to the “Membrane” proteins responsible for the transport of substances into and out of the cell in bacterial cell membranes and block cell division by being transported into the cell, binding to nucleic acids.

Also, silver ions inhibit the respiratory system, which is responsible for energy production in bacteria, destroying the energy production of the cell and causing the death of the cell.