Visor Silver Pro Mask

Face mask with pure silver thread, anti-virus and antibacterial function, made of fabric, washable, suitable for long-term use. It provides effective protection against viruses and bacteria thanks to the pure silver threads it contains.

Product features

The washable face mask made of pure silver thread fabric with “Antivirus” and “Antibacterial” functions provides over 90% protection against particles, dust, bacteria and viruses thanks to its pure silver threads. Bright lines on the surface of the mask show pure silver thread, while the fabric contains 97 percent cotton fiber polyester and 3 percent pure silver.

The bacteria filtration value of the antivirus mask with pure silver thread, produced in accordance with European CE and TSE standards, is over 90%. The Covid-19 breaking feature of the mask with pure silver thread, which has “antivirus” feature, has been documented with ISO 18184 test report.

The fabric and paint of the mask using water-based paint are OEKO-TEX® certified. The mask, which is environmentally friendly as it does not create medical waste, is also skin-friendly with its cotton-like fiber structure.

The antivirus and antibacterial properties of the mask do not disappear as it is washed, and the recommended usage period of the mask is 90 days. It is suitable for hand washing. Since it has antivirus and antibacterial properties, it is sufficient to wash it only when it gets dirty.

Ear rubber is cotton. It is soft and self-flexible. Does not irritate the ear. With its comfortable breathing feature, it is suitable for long-term use. All features have been proven with documents and certificates.